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Traductora, escritora y amante de los libros. Peruana. 27 años.
Estoy obsesionada con Julio Cortázar, las hermanas Brontë, Virginia Woolf, el ballet, Mikhail Baryshnikov, los perros, mi perro y mil cosas más. Intento ser disciplinada con mis reseñas pero la verdad es que depende mucho de mi trabajo, ya que como buena traductora freelance, cuando tengo trabajo no tengo vida.

Translator, writer and bookworm. Peruvian. 27 years old.
I'm obsessed with Julio Cortázar, the Brontës, Virginia Woolf, ballet, Mikhail Baryshnikov, dogs, my dog and a thousand other things. I try to post my reviews regularly but the truth is it all depends on my work; as a good freelance translator, when I have work, I have no life.

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Lucy said...

I love your blog header!

I remember you posted on my The Black Heralds post not long ago and mentioned your nationality - I'm currently reading Aves sin nido for a Spanish class and thought I'd read some of your posts in greater detail!

You've so lucky knowing so many languages. It really does allow you such great access to different literature :)

All the best - I'll be sure to bookmark your blog!

Melissa Vizcarra said...

Thank you Lucy! I was very excited to find someone with such an interest in Spanish poetry.

I do feel I'm lucky knowing so many languages, I think the reason I became a translator was because I wanted to be able to read as much as I could in the original language.

I have already bookmarked your blog, I really loved it!

All the best to you too! :)