Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Mikhail Baryshnikov!

Some of you may know that ballet is one of my obsessions. I danced since I was four until I was eighteen, when I injured myself and stopped dancing. I recovered but college started and I didn't come back, something that I will regret forever.

Even though I don't dance anymore, there are very few things in life (aside from literature, of course) that give me more pleasure than seeing a good ballet performance. It really moves me.

Mikhail Baryshnikov is something out of this world. Seeing him dance has always left me breathless. I grew up watching videos of him dancing all the great ballet classics and I fell platonically in love with  him. 

He came to Peru a couple of years ago. He doesn't dance classical ballet anymore, but his contemporary dance presentation was great. I actually got to meet him afterwards when I stalked waited outside the theater's dressing rooms and got an autograph. I wrote a post about it, click here to read it (it's in Spanish).

Today he turns 65 and I just wanted to say, Happy Birthday Mischa!

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