Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick update

I promise I have not forgotten my blog! March has been a very hectic month. I have been really busy with work and this past weekend was my boyfriend's weekend long birthday celebration. Fortunately, I'm getting some time off in the next few days and I will post my reviews of The Sun Also Rises, Washington Square and the March meme post about Jane Austen for The Classics Club. I will also update you on my progress with Shakespeare (Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet). 

I'm currently reading The Hours by Michael Cunningham and I am in love with it. I should be reading my Spin book On the Road but, I'm sorry, I don't connect with it yet. It bores me and I fall sleep. I hope it will get better, I still haven't even reached the middle.

Anyway, I will come back this week, I missed this space so much. 

P.S. Cute picture of my dog.


Teresa said...

No worries, if I didn't schedule posts my blog would be very much abandoned right now xD What did you think about 'The Sun also rises'?

Melissa Vizcarra said...

It's a love/hate relationship with The Sun Also Rises. I love how Hemingway writes, the conflict between the characters, the setting. I hated the way he romanticizes bullfighting. It was very difficult for me to read the bullfighting scenes. I know it is fiction but it still bothers me. It's a thing.

Teresa said...

I completely understand what you say. It's the reason why I dread to read the book, because I loathe bullfighting and I'll be very partial towards a book that praises it or, as you say, romanticizes it.

Melissa Vizcarra said...

Yes! I really want to write my review this week and discuss that (and some other issues). I wanted to hate that book because of the bullfighting but I couldn't, Hemingway is too good a writer. I couldn't love it either because there's nothing worse for me than animal cruelty. Right now, I have a complicated relationship with Hemingway. I want to read another book and see where we go from there :P.

Lucy said...

Like you, I can't seem to get into On The Road, no matter how many attempts I make. I don't like to leave books unread, but I think I may have to with this one. After all, there are so many other books to enjoy :P

That photo is incredible!

Melissa Vizcarra said...

I completely agree with you! I really made an effort with On The Road but I just got restless and decided I had to read something else because I was hating that book. I'll give it another try in the future I guess, maybe something will change in my perspective and allow me to enjoy the book later.

I love that photo, hahaha, she likes the camera!